Principal / Director / Math Olympiad Coach
Seoul University, Seoul, South Korea
Mechanical Engineering

 Welcome to Dream Acts Academy!

Dream Acts Academy (DAA), located in Northeast United States, in Bergen County, New Jersey, is an educational institute specializing in college preparation skills for students. DAA’s mission is to use its innovative approach in analyzing the specific needs of each student to tailor an individualized program of study with each child’s goals in mind.

DAA uses the small-group approach in teaching young students, not only to maximize instruction time, but also to establish a more nurturing environment in which students can achieve their individual life goals and objectives. DAA does not simply teach for tests.

DAA believes that both parties benefit from the teacher-student interaction: the teacher is inspired and gains new perspectives from the student, and the student gains knowledge and insights from the teacher. Both can grow together as they cultivate the student’s potential.

Paul Jung