Dream Acts Academy introduces its new 20 week Fall Program (9/12/2016 to 1/28/2017)!

I, Paul Jung send you a warm hello as a fellow advocate and pioneer of the Deep Learning Enrichment Program and Director of the Dream Acts Academy for the gifted.

Reviewing the overall admission stats for colleges in 2016, one can’t help but notice a striking phenomenon among the accepted applicants within the academic disciplines that greatly differentiate them from those not admitted that leads us to some eye opening outcomes.

To tackle this issue, we cannot simply mimic what other students or learning centers have been doing to prepare for college admission.  What is required is a passion for long term dedication to the cause.

At minimum, we are speaking about a 3 to 4 year program that continues into senior year of high school.  This program will continue to help the students throughout college and beyond.  A program that equips the students to not only succeed at college admissions but to succeed at college with life long skills.

Dream Acts Academy will be launching our special fall program to equip our students with these invaluable tools and skills that are forward thinking and ahead of our competitors as far as college prep is concerned.  The following are courses being offered in this unique program:

  1. Model UN Debate: The importance of having debating skills within the American society is obvious in a country that places high value on free speech, freedom of choice and the people’s vote!  Starting from last fall and continuing this fall semester, Dream Acts Academy students enrolled in the Model UN Debate program has prepared and participated in these highly coveted events.  Excitingly, our Dream Acts Academy Junior High School students swept first to third place in the first two rounds at JAMUN competitions in 2015.  The JAMUN program was started in Bergen Academy and we anticipate more successes for our winners this year!  This program will be lead by the director of Debate at Bergen Academy.
  2. Essay Writing: This class is leap years from your standard writing classes that are taught at schools or elsewhere.  Our class will focus on contemporary issues and teach our student how to carefully analyze and interpret the issues presented resulting in the students thoughtful and logical synthesis of their position on these issues.
  3. Essay Contest: This is great on the student’s resume!  This class will be taught by instructor Hanson-Harding.  Our past classes have a track record of producing award winners for this contest.
  4. Reading & Writing: This course is focused toward the 6 -8th grade level students who will be learning materials that would prepare them for the New SAT exam.  Critical Reading and Advanced Essay Writing skills would be seamlessly incorporated into their school curriculum.
  5. NEW SAT: Small class sizes with custom tailored instruction will be given.  We have seen an average increase of 300 points on the student’s scores.  The class would be completed by an experienced expert SAT instructor.
  6. SAT 2 Subjects Completion courses: This course is geared to achieving a perfect score on each subject SAT 2 exam.  Each subject is taught by corresponding experienced instructors specializing in their respective subjects.
  7. USAMO / AIME special classes:  Friday class will be available!  This course will be taught by experienced math competitor Instructor Baek.
  8. Beast Academy / Reading & Writing: this course is for 3rd to 5th graders to establish strong foundational skills to carry over to higher grades.
  9. BA Charter School Admission Test Prep course: This vital course boasts 100% acceptance rate for Dream Acts Academy participants.  This course provides critical prep for the interview process as well.
  10. AP Physics & Physics Olympiad: AP Physics Deep Learning classes that will prepare its students for the Physics Olympiad competition!

** Please note all classes have enrollment quotas so we urge you to start the enrollment process as early as possible.

All applicants who register before August 15 2016 will receive a 15% discount.  Feel free to contact us at 201 225 0000 if you have any questions or concerns.  Thank you very much.


Paul Jung

Director of Dream Acts Academy

Math Olympiad Friday Class Open

Greetings from your fellow advocate and pioneer of the Deep Learning Enrichment Program and Director of the Dream Acts Academy, Paul Jung!

I would like to personally introduce a special course being made available to your children from this fall.  Please refer to the information below and I encourage all interested parents and students to contact us for an in depth consultation.


Duration:                  September 9 to October 28 2016 (8 weeks)

Location:                  Dream Acts Academy

Classes offered:      Math Olympiad class 

Class Times:            Fridays (8 to 10 pm)

Instructor: Gye Hyun Baek (Veteran Math Olympiad Coach and Harvard Cum Laude alumnus)

Currently, there is an enormous amount of interest and investment on a global level in regards to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education.  Top colleges and universities including IVY League institutions are scrambling to admit students who excel in the STEM subject areas by offering tuition subsidy and/or generous scholarship packages.  Interestingly enough, many parents hold the belief that only gifted students in the Math and Science courses can hope to excel and be accepted in the STEM discipline.  Contrary to that belief, many of the students who are a part of our Learning Center have accomplished above and beyond their expectations through a combination of thorough planning paired with preparation and class-work paired with self discipline.

Our Dream Acts Academy specializes in preparing students to excel in the STEM areas with our expertise in the Math and Science subject areas.  Indeed, Dream Acts Academy was established with the goal of nurturing talented students and continues this mission by nurturing students to train and thereby qualify to compete as Math Olympiads in prestigious competitions.  Not only do our students qualify to be worthy Olympiads but have reaped excellent results from their training and hard work.  Every year, the number of students at our Academy who qualified to compete at the AIME as Math Olympiads has steadily grown along with a resulting synergy that has produces top ranking Olympiads competing in publicly recognized and highly esteemed competitions such as the USAMO, HMMT and PUMaC.

Despite the relatively short 5 years of Dream Acts Academy’s establishment, it is almost a miraculous feat to have helped nurture these students to such heights.  The best part and maybe the most important result of this training is that  students who once viewed math as a complicated, frustrating, uninteresting and tedious subject now find math to be fun and are passionate about learning math and are no longer intimidated and instead face head on the challenges in the subject area.

We are especially excited to have our instructor Gye Hyun Baek teaching Math Olympiad training courses this fall.  Instructor Baek brings valuable insight as a past participant as an Olympiad in prior USAMO, MOSP competitions, the students will stand to greatly benefit from his exceptional training and instruction coupled with his background as a Harvard Math/Computer Science major.  Please see below for a synopsis of his experiences.

USAMO 4 time  2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009

MOSP 2 time 2006 and 2008

Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad Bronze Medal 2009

William Lowell Putnam Mathematics Competition Top 200 in 2009

U.S. Physics Team Semifinalist 2008

If you wish to receive further details, please feel free to contact me at 201 225 0000.  Thank you very much.


Paul Jung

Director of Dream Acts Academy


드림 액츠 아카데미 가을 프로그램 안내 (9월 12일~1월 28일, 20 주)

2016년도 대학 입시 결과를 볼 때 두드러진 현상은 특별히 아카데믹 분야에서 다른 지원자들과 차별화 되었는 지, 그리고 얼마만큼의 괄목할 만한 성과를 이루었는 지 입니다. 이를 위해선 단순히 다른 학생들이 하는 프로그램을 흉내만 내어서는 안되고 열정을 가지고 장기간 매진을 해야만 가능합니다. 적어도 3년에서 4년, 결국 고등학교 졸업년도까지 할 수 있는 프로그램, 거기에 대학 생활에서도 도움이 되는 프로그램. 이번 가을 드림 액츠 아카데미에서는 이에 촛점을 맞추어 기존 프로그램에서 한발 더 나아가 학생들의 진짜 실력을 키워주기 위해 반드시 필요한 프로그램을 강화하였습니다.

  1. Model UN Debate: 미국 사회에서의 Debate 중요성은 따로 언급하지 않겠습니다. 지난 봄학기에 이어 역시 중학생 그룹과 고등학생 그룹으로 나누어 진행합니다. 특별히 2015년도부터 시작한 Bergen Academy에서 열린 JAMUN 제 1,2회 대회에서 1~3위 입상을 휩쓴 드림 액츠 아카데미 중학생 그룹의 성과는 기대 이상이었습니다. BA Debate 담당교사가 직접 지도.
  2. Essay Writing: 단순히 작문 훈련을 넘어 현재 이슈화되는 사회 문제를 보고 스스로 비평적 사고를 하고 그것을 논리적으로 표현하는 훈련입니다. New SAT Option부문 Essay 파트를 확실히 공략할 수 있습니다.
  3. Essay Contest: 확실한 아카데믹 스펙! 매번 확실한 수상 결과를 내어온 최고의 Essay 과정입니다. Hanson-Harding 선생님께서 지도하십니다.
  4. Reading & Writing: 6~8학년중학생을 대상으로한 영어 훈련 과정으로 New SAT Level에 맞추어 지도합니다. 학생들은 본 과정을 통해 자연스럽게 Critical Reading 실력과 작문 실력을 훈련할 수 있습니다.
  5. SAT / New SAT: 소수 그룹 지도로 맞춤지도를 합니다. 실질적으로 성적이 평균 300 point이상이 향상됩니다. 마지막 마무리 점검은 전문 SAT 지도 강사에게 맡기십시오. 11/12/1월 시험 대비.
  6. SAT 2 Subjects 마무리반: 각 Subject별 SAT 2 만점으로 마무리할 수 있습니다. 각 과목 전문 강사에게 맡기십시오.
  7. USAMO, AIME 특별반: 주중 클래스와는 별도로 토요반이 개설됩니다. 실력과 경험이 탁월한 Baek 선생님이 지도하십니다.
  8. Beast Academy / Reading & Writing: 3~5th 학생들을 위한 특화된 종합클래스.
  9. BA 및 특목고 준비반: 특목고 입학을 위한 필수 코스. 전원 100% 합격. 인터뷰 준비 완료.
  10. AP Physics & Physics Olympiad: AP Physics 공략과 더불어 내년초에 있는 Physics Olympiad를 목표.

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