DAA not only prepares students for college, but also aims to empower them with the essential skills they need for continued academic success.
We go beyond just drilling in certain skills for test prep.

DAA aims to provide a nurturing environment where students can acquire knowledge and reinforce their skills on their own.
We aim to ensure that the path to learning is and will be a joyful and meaningful experience for all. As students gain more confidence, they will be encouraged to further expand their goals and dreams.

DAA works with teachers who fully understand our mission and are ready to guide students toward their goals.
While the seeds for dreams are no doubt planted by the students themselves, our teachers and the facilitators can nurture those seeds towards bearing fruit. This is what DAA is for.

1. DAA recognizes the uniqueness of each student. Designing an individualized academic plan is a top priority. Classes and scheduling will proceed within the specific needs of each student.

2. DAA will provide in-depth counseling and placement testing for each student prior to developing an academic plan. This ensures the best coupling of student and teacher.

3. DAA works closely with students to define both short-and long-term objectives. These can continually be revised through periodic assessments.

4. DAA teachers do more than just instruct. They serve as life-long, adult mentors for students, who can, in turn, benefit from their teachers’ training and experiences.